About Me

Hi and welcome!  My name is Pam and I live in central Minnesota, where I have lived all my life.  My family consists of my three wonderful daughters, Andrea, 22, Nadine and Caitlyn, my 17 year old twins,  Paul, my boyfriend of 7 years and my two cats, Britt and Cleo. 


I provide 1-on-1 consultations to find out the root cause of your pain through alternative healing with a holistic approach, and provide support through the entire journey.


Below you can find my most recent blog posts, on a broad variety of topics.  Grab a cup of tea, coffee or glass of wine and enjoy!


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I make all my products by hand and I grow and forage for most of the plants I use.  I love knowing exactly where the plants are coming from and how they are grown.

I welcome any questions and inquiries about my products.


Botanical Name: arctium lappa

Fun Facts:

Is biennial.  In its first year, is low growing, but in its second year, can grow to 6' tall Know as

The motherwort plant is a special plant, in that it lends itself very "motherly" to the human race.

Upcoming Events

Here are my upcoming shows and classes.

Monticello Farmers Market

  • Date:  Thursdays through Oct. 20, 2016
  • Time: 3:30-7pm
  • Location: Monticello Library parking lot

Back to Basics - the Power of Change

  • Date: Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017
  • Time: 8am-5pm
  • Location: Pine River, MN

Monticello Women of Today Craft Show

  • Date: Saturday, March 11, 2017
  • Time: 9am-3pm
  • Location: Monticello Community Center

Why choose an herbalist

  • I work with you as an individual
  • Because it is a holistic form of medicine, I don't just treat the symptoms, but you as a whole person.  We get to the root of the problem.
  • Herbalism is the oldest form of medicine and is still used in over 85% of the world as the main form of medicine.
  • Because plant medicines are natural, they are very compatible with our bodies and easily absorbed and rarely cause side effects.



People love what they are receiving!

I received my lemongrass scented yoga mat cleaner 2 days after ordering! I was so pleased with how quickly the turnaround time was. The scent is delightful and not overbearing! I will definitely be re-purchasing once I'm out.
Megan G.
Etsy customer
Wonderful Scent! This natural deodorant smells so good and I love that it's great for my skin and health. Seller is wonderful to work with! 5 STAR Shop!!!
Woodland Crew
etsy customer
I add a few drops of this motherwort tincture to my morning smoothie, and it takes the edge off my stressful work days! Awesome product!
etsy customer

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